Donald W. Peckham






Room 2202
Phone: (62) 544-284
Office hours: Monday 9-10h
Areas of specialization: applied linguistics, second language acquisition, language teaching
Areas of research: Cognitive approaches to second language learning, Cross-linguistic influence, Communication and learning strategies, Vocabulary acquisition, English in Europe

  • Degrees:
    – PhD in linguistics with specialization in applied linguistics, 2000. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Dissertation title: “Attention and consciousness in second language acquisition: An investigation into the effects of instruction on noticing”.
    – MA in linguistics, 1995. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. MA thesis title: “Language transfer and cognitive load”.
    – BA in sociology, 1984. Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon, USA.
  • Areas of specialization:
    Cognitive approaches to second language learning
    Cross-linguistic influence
    Communication and learning strategies
    Vocabulary acquisition
    English in Europe
  • List of publications:
    – Noticing and instruction in second language acquisition: A study of Hungarian learners of English. Szeged, Hungary: JATE Press. 2009
    – “English and multilingualism, or English only in a multilingual Europe?” Linguistic Diversity in the European Union: First Findings of LINEE. Berlin: De Gruyter. Co-authored with Karolina Kalocsai, Kovács Emőke, and Tamah Sherman. In press, 2009.
    – “The names of English: Non-native insights into English as a lingua franca.” Proceedings of the 15. Élőnyelvi Konferencia. 2009
    – “Self-regulation and foreign language vocabulary learning at the university level: a pilot study”. In: Vajda Zoltán (szerk.) Bölcsészműhely 2007, 115–128. Szeged: JatePress. 2008.
    – “Noticing grammar and vocabulary as a goal of instruction.” novELTy Journal 9(2): 4-22. 2001.
    – Linguistic minorities in Central and Eastern Europe. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. Co-edited with Christina Bratt Paulston. 1998
  • Supervised papers:PhD dissertations
    – Doró Katalin “The written assessment of vocabulary knowledge and use of English majors in Hungary” (2008)
    – Kalocsai Karolina “Lingua franca interaction and socialization among the exchange students: a case study” (2011)
    MA theses
    – Beke Gabriella “A report on English major students’ vocabulary learning strategies” (2008)
    – Tóth Katalin “Incidental vocabulary acquisition through reading” (2008)
    – Kuchta Adrienn “Approaches towards language learning” (2007)
    – Csépe Adrienn “Functional English knowledge of Hungarian learners” (2007)
    – Palaonta Gina “The relationship between vocabulary level and learning strategies” (2006)
    – Pintér Anita “A discussion of the critical period and pronunciation in second language acquisition:” (2005)
    – Agócs Mariann “An example of language transfer from a native and a second language into a tertiary language” (2005)Major Papers
    – Bolvári Lilla “The effect of bilingualism on cognitive development: metalinguistic awareness” (2008)
    – Solti Réka “Individual differences in second language acquisition: The relationship between university students’ orientation towards science and Arts and their vocabulary learning strategies” (2008)
    – Molnár Timea “Second language versus third language acquisition: The English lexical competence of monolingual versus bilingual Hungarian students” (2008)
  • Courses:
    Second language acquisition
    Research methods in applied linguistics
    Second language vocabulary acquisition
    Introduction to applied linguistics
    Writing skills
    Academic reading