Business English specializáció


Business Studies Paper

v     The length of the paper must be between 20,000 to 24,000 characters, without spaces (Format: Times New Roman, font size 12,  1.5 line spacing). Material outside the main body of the paper as well as long quotations, figures, graphs and charts are not contained in the character count.

v     The paper must follow the formatting rules set up in the IEAS Style Sheet for papers in linguistics.

v     The bibliography for the paper must contain at least six items. The downloaded website literature cannot exceed 3 items out of the six. Each item must be cited in the text. No coursebooks are allowed.

v     The topic of the paper must be selected from the given list of topics, and the paper must apply appropriate literature/theory to specific examples.

v     Students must formally meet their advisors twice during the course of the project.

v     The project plan, the draft as well as the final version of the paper must be submitted in two copies to the ELTEAL office by the official deadlines. The final version of the Business Studies Paper (that is, the final version of the BSP) must be submitted in two bound copies and the electronic version of the paper must also be enclosed on a disc (in .doc format).


  1. Advertising
  2. Banking
  3. Brand management
  4. Business ethics
  5. Business types
  6. Commerce and Trade
  7. Competition
  8. Corporate culture
  9. Corporate strategy
  10. Cultural diversity in business
  11. Globalisation
  12. Insurance
  13. International trade
  14. Labour relations
  15. Management
  16. Marketing
  17. Personnel management
  18. Promotional tools
  19. Public relations
  20. Stocks and shares
  21. Takeovers, mergers and buyouts
  22. Taxation

Deadlines for 2017/2018 spring term:

Project plan (topic, brief outline, reference list): 21 September

Draft (2 copies of roughly complete paper, including title page, table of contents and reference list): 9 November

Final version (2 spiral-bound copies and the electronic version of the paper on a disc in .doc format): 30 November

Complex Business Studies Exam

Written Exam:

v     Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary

v     Business English in Use

v     Business Writing

v     Listening Comprehension


Oral Exam:

v     Problem solving through role-plays

v     Summarising a Hungarian business-related article in English