EduLingua 2019_1

Az EduLingua folyóirat 5. évfolyamának 1. száma

EduLingua Volume 5 Number 1


Flora Komlosi-Ferdinand: University students’ preferences on English teachers’ nationality and teaching style: Gender based differences pp. 1-21

Karina Dupák: Language learning experience of first year English majors as they see it pp. 23-39

Katalin Doró and Ágnes T. Balla: English teacher trainees’ changing views concerning the effective language teacher: a self-reflective interview study pp. 41-56

Feryal Kubukcu: Inquiry into the decomposition view of lexical competence pp. 57-65


Máté Huber: Williams, Thomas A.: English Language Learners’ Socially Constructed Motives and Interactional Moves. (2018). Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. pp. 69-71


The full 5/1 issue is available here