EduLingua 2015_2

Az EduLingua folyóirat I. évfolyamának 2. száma

EduLingua Volume 1 Number 2



Judit Nagy: The use of intonational cues marking new information in non-native speech PDF

Erzsébet Balogh: “Everybody likes beer” – Hungarian secondary school students’ stereotypes associated with different English accent variety speakers PDF

Júlia Szelivánov: Intercultural bilingual education in multilingual societies of Latin America: Challenges and perspectives PDF

Ágnes T. Balla – Beatrix Bajnóczi: Have changes brought about changes? Findings of a longitudinal study conducted among first-year students of English PDF



Ilhana Škrgić: Report on the 5th International Conference on Foreign Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics and the International Forum on Slavic Studies PDF